Butterfly Fairy Dream Baby——Fashion Princess Pregnant Check&Angel Infant Love

Butterfly Fairy Dream Baby is a fun-filled beautiful princess pregnant check game.
Princess is pregnant several months, it’s happy for her to be a mom. Princess tries to talk with her baby every day since she owns it because she doesn’t wanna her baby feels alone. Princess believes that baby who lives in her uterus can receive her information of love and feel her expectation. Today princess needs to go to the hospital for a prenatal examination, after a month since she has done it last time. Except some regular examinations, princess gets a chance to see what her babies are like before she having baby. Princess is exciting, she cannot wait to watch them. Do you wanna be an excellent doctor and help princess check her baby and take care of her baby? Come and join it.

– Do prenatal examination for beautiful princess.
– Measure pressure and heart rate, service mom elaborately.
– More clothes placed in suitcase, pick up your favorite one
– Doctor roles play.
– Suggest mom eating more nutrition food for a beautiful baby.
– Pick up an interesting toy for new baby.
– Simple but funny operations, have fun in Butterfly Fairy Dream Baby
– Butterfly Fairy Dream Baby teaches you how to take good care of pregnant mom.
– Exquisite and fluent flash, fresh and adorable drawing, enjoy Butterfly Fairy Dream Baby

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